Graduating? Get photos that make you proud of milestone

Graduation is the only time you will take all the credit for your achievement. No other occasion in life will praise and highlight you alone. Think about it, if it is your wedding, you are sharing the spotlight with your spouse. And if you come from certain areas, the spotlight is mostly on your parents. And in some (now common) cases, your aunts and uncles will be sending everyone to the floor explaining how much time and sweat they have spent raising you, never mind you only spent one school holiday with them and they bought you a scarf.

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Remember that time you forgot your phone at home? Or that time you had misplaced it and you almost got a heart attack? Or when your laptop crushed, and you felt like your life was over too? Ladies, is rummaging through your handbag looking for a phone a common occurrence in your life? The sheer shock you get for not being connected! Does it feel like the world has ended and you cannot find out whether you made to heaven? As if we are gonna google that too!

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Your company has been developing this product for years. A lot of sweat, overtime hours and snapping (mind and finger) has gone into it. And a long side, a financial hole because it is a new product, and it is just close to making its first sale.

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